November 28, 2011

Wondering around the swap meet

Some of the more interesting items I saw as wondering around the Mesa Swap Meet

Dixie mine trail

The Dixie Mine Trail

This hike is not overly challenging, but a bit on the long side, five miles out and back.  Best to be prepared with good shoes, water and the proper clothing for the time of the year.  I did this hike in late November, and still got fairly warm, I can't imagine doing this in June.

This hike gets you away from town a bit, so you might find yourself a bit isolated.

You take Golden Eagle Road to the end where a private community resides.  There is a nice golf course club house that provides parking and you have to walk to the trail head, about ten minutes in. Follow the signs, they are well laid out.

Stop and check out the strange formation on the Saguaro cactus at the gate
You finally get to the entrance and start your hike.

It is not a challenging hike, although there are a few steep portions.  I like these kinds of "Easy" trails because I can hike/run and push myself.
This is a shared bike and horse trail although I have yet to see any on this trail.

Of course the views are quite nice.  Take several moments to look around and enjoy the beauty to be found, even in the desert.

There was even a nice shaded section that had moss growing on the rocks.  

Of course be on the look out for other critters that are out and about, especially the two legged variety.

The payoff is the unsuccessful and now abandoned copper mine(1917-1960) and the ancient hieroglyphs nearby.

Botainical garden trail

There is a trail in Fountain Hills named the Botanical Garden Trail.  Not a very long or challenging hike, but some fun scenery and a surprise at the end.

The trail and sights along the trail

The surprise at the end is an old campsite and dam that was built in the 1940's.

November 22, 2011

new lens

Just got this 28-70 push pull focus Vivitar with Macro focus.